Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry (belated) Christmas!

Boy what a Christmas it has been. I got a lot of nice things this year, Speakers!!! for my computer, which is wonderful because I have been using headphones for a year now, I got a Pc game called X3, which is a space travel simulator type game. It is very deep and complex, but it suffers from bad camera angles, (your ship POV is just like a camera in space, and when you go for a 3rd person perspective, it is just the back of your ship, so you never get to feel like your in a space ship, and you never get to get a nice look at it ethier, which is a VERY big bummer. I hope there is a mod that can fix it.) and ZERO tutorial. This game is extremely hard to figure out. As a newbie to the game and the genre, I might have made a mistake picking this game as my first foray into the world of space sims, but I am not giving up yet. I am going to give this game a fair shot, because I really want to like it. I learn new things every time I play it so maybe I'll get the hang of it soon enough. I got 3 PS2 games, God of War 2, which I just beat today on easy. Its an excellent game, and I cant wait to go play it again on harder difficulties. I got a strategy robot game called Front Mission 4, and what very little I have played, ( I just did the short tutorial) I think I will like. I love Mech type games, and it pains me to say that I have yet to play one that is any good. Ive tried the armored core games, but the control scheme is so terrible, (it really is, I don't know what kind of creature can comfortably play this game, but it sure isn't human) and the Mechwarrior games never really enjoyed. ( I was young the last time i played a Mechwarrior game, I think it was Mechwarrior 2,) I did actually play a good Gundam game on the dreamcast, but it is nothing near my ideal mech game. ( it was a very short, script heavy single player campaign.) Front mission 4 has gotten mixed reviews, but because I like stratagy games, I think I will like this game a lot. I also got guitar hero 3, which is your regular old guitar hero pretty much. I don't think i like it as much as the old ones, but I will say that this is the hardest game in the series. They did something to the hit detection that really messed me up and I really want to blame the game, but it might be just me as well. ( my friend says the same thing so maybe it really is the game!)With some extra Christmas money I bought a new Sidewinder lazer mouse, and it looks really nice. It has all sorts of different customizable buttons and different weights (!!!) you can slide in and out for your ideal gaming experience! ( at least that what it says on the box, I tried the weights and I don't notice too much difference between the different weights.) I have noticed that with the switch my Tf2 game has gone down the crapper. (I want to blame the mouse too, but it might be me as well.) I have gotten better with it though, most noticeably today, where i was one of the top players in the server! (W007!!1)

As far as Art is going, I finished my breadth section of my portfolio. I met with a person who attended Art Center, and I listened to them talk about the school, and I kind of don't to go there any more. There are some conflicting feelings right now about where I want to go to school. (I think I like the idea of me going there, rather then me actually doing it.) Also I really need to find a internship for my Senior Internship class. I am currently looking at a game development studio, which has really interested me. I know nothing about them, other then the website name, ( an email there, and its location. I will probably send them an email to see if they will take me, (its only a 30 min drive from my house) that is of course, this other place doesn't accept me. I believe everyone who might read this ( everyone AKA me) knows of a small time video game development studio that goes by the name of BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, and, it just so happens that my mom knows a girl whos dating a guy whos friends with a man blah blah blah, any ways I have a connection, and if everything goes to plan, I may just be interning at BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT!! HOLY SHITTTTTT. Just the thought of it is almost too much for me to handle. I know it would be extremely menial tasks, and it would only be as a favor, but I might just have my foot in the door, and of all the places to have ones foot in a door, Blizzard just might be the best door to have a foot in. ( or something.)

Exciting events are currently in motion! Ill be sure to check back as soon as something turns up! maybe with art!

Good Night, and Happy New Year.

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