Monday, July 30, 2007

Super Comic-Con Fiesta X-treme!

Wow! So I am finally back from Comic-Con and WOW it was great! I met a lot of people including the Milburns and Jik from Tottyart, and a ton of great artists including Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith, and Jeff Soto. The Tottyart guys are cool and Ashley Wood and Jeff Soto are super nice guys. I didn't get to talk to Ben Templesmith for very long but he seemed nice too. Well I guess its time for me to show you the pictures. HERE WE GOOOOO!!

First thing to know about Comic-Con is it is BIG. It is freakin long and there are a lot of booths and people.

Scifi BoothNewgrounds booth/ Behemoth booth
Big ass pirate ship

random crowd shot

You get pretty tired after a full day of walking around Comic-Con. (At least I do.) You are constantly running into people and bumping into them and all that stuff. Most of the time they are nerds, but sometimes you run into famous people! People like, Gene Simmons!
(picture is blurry due to lots of people bumping into me and bodyguards and storm troopers and stuff.)

And a guy who looks like Kevin Federline!

And the Alien Hominid! WOW!

I also met some not so famous people, like The Milburn brothers! And Jik! Holy cow! They are cool dudes, and it was nice to talk to them for the short amount of time I was able to. According to them, I missed Gel by a few seconds, so that is a bummer, hopefully next year Ill be able to find him.

I got to meet some amazing artists in person at comic con, such as the amazing chalk artist guy! I dont remember his name but he has some 1337 chalk skills. I am jealous.

Like I said before I met Ashley Wood, and I got him to sign a bunch of my crap. I think almost all of my comics by him are signed. That is good. He is in the process of having some giant toy/figures (whatever you call them) of some of his art, and he showed me a prototype! MAN that thing is kick ass. You cant really tell from the picture, but its BIG! and the final version will be fully articulated, with lots of weapons and awesome crap. I am going to get one for sure, its so amazing and cool, I need it :'[.Ben Templesmith signed my Wormwood number 1.

I met Jeff Soto by pure chance, I was walking around the hall, and I stopped at the Hasbro booth, to look at some G.I. Joe stuff, and a guy was next to me doing the same. He looks familiar, but I'm not exactly where I saw him. Then it hit me! That man is one of my favorite artists! So I talked to him and he was nice and cool and I learned he grew up in the same town as I did. Neat-o!
Here is a picture of his artwork, go check out his site and his blog if you like it.

Here is a picture of me drinking a soda, just because I am handsome.

Anyways here are a bunch of pictures of cool stuff at Comic-con.

Close up of the box with the Iron Man armor in it.

Batmobile 1
Batmobile 2

Iron man!

Lego Bat man
Tank Girl poster by Ashley Wood

Castle Crashers!

Speaking of Castle Crashers, I played the demo at Comic-Con like everyone else who went there, and it was super fun! Its going to be a great game, I just hope it makes it to other consoles besides XBLA.

I bought a LOT of stuff at Comic-Con. I have been saving all year. I bought a 5 comics, 1 Castle Crashers figurine, and one 1 foot tall lord canti toy thing. its awesome, and its sitting in my room right now. There is one thing though that I have been really enjoying, and it is a comic called " Scott Pilgrim's Precious little life." Its a really fun comic and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are into video games, crazy characters and crazier fights, humor, or Canadians. Scott pilgrim is my new hero!

check out some previews at the site right HERE!

Well there is not much left to say about my Comic-Con experience, Hopefully, if you read this, you enjoyed the journey. I know I did.

Peace OUT!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And an epic tale comes to a close...

Well to tonight i have just finished the last Harry Potter book, and I have to say, IT WAS GREAT! I don't want to say anything more encase someone reads this and gets it spoiled for them but i think its my favorite in the series. I know i haven't posted any drawings lately but i have been kinda busy and probably will be for a few days. Comic con is coming up soon so i will definitely make a big post about that with lots of pictures! I can't wait!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Disneyland funness and tribute to DFA79

I went to Disneyland today with a friend. It was pretty fun, although I wish I could have been their longer with her. Their are always other days though. I have been listening to The Horrors, which I learned about after watching their music video by Chris Cunningham (He does amazing work by the way.) They are alright, but mostly I am just missing DFA1979. Good lord did they rock. I don't know a single band that could be more awesome then they are. It has been 1 year since they split and I am still bummed as I ever was. COME BACK TO ME! No art as of late, just a few wips but nothing worth showing. Tomorrow though ill try and do a self portrait when I get a new haircut.

R.I.P. Dudes.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


This might be the most tired I have ever felt. School today pretty much wiped me out. I haven't shaved, and I smell too. I tried to draw today but I just couldn't do it! Hopefully tomorrow I will be my more energetic self. And I wont smell too.

Just a little update of the Pyro

Improved somethings. The pant folds are a bit better but they are not there yet.
maybe tomorrow Ill do better.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I am so tired

Didn't get to do any digital drawing. I have been working on this big homework assignment all day. Its not even done. I need to practice drums tomorrow, so that is just a mental note for me. Need sleeeeeeeeeep! gahhhhh!!! I might be quiting the internet for a while around when the last Harry Potter book comes out because I don't want anyone to spoil it for me. Another thing shall say is I just got my first legit comment. Thanks Burl! Hopefully as I post more art I'll receive more comments. My space bar is acting weird. gahhicanfixit.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just a work in prog

I think it has potential. Needs a lot of work though, I have a hard time with folds. I just cant draw them very well.

I wanted to draw a guy like the Pyro in Team Fortress 2. That game is going to be the best! WOOO

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Art, Magic, and Music Awesomeness

Again I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked too but the past couple days but I was a bit busy, but now its the weekend and I have more time to myself. I have been drawing of course and I have to say I am getting a little bit better at charcoal drawings, because I am really terrible at them right now. I definitely need more practice but at least I am progressing. I saw the new Harry Potter movie with some friends yesterday night, and while it felt a bit rushed and it lacked some important parts from the book, it was still a very enjoyable film, plus the battle at the end is worth the price of admission alone. This morning ( Saturday) I woke up at 2:30 pm then watched a crappy movie, namely Ultraviolet. It had great design, but the story and the acting were crappy. Even the fight scenes were not very good. I never expected it to be good anyways so I wasn't too disappointed. Also I have been listening to a lot of music lately, mostly techno. The two (bands? groups? I don't know what you would call it.) are Justice, and Does it offend you, yeah? Yep. Thats the name, awesome right? Any ways they both are fantastic and highly recommend checking them out.
here are some links to a few mp3s for you to enjoy/sample

Oh yeah I also have been listening to a lot of Spoon, and Cake. Not techno, but still good stuff.

Anyways I'll conclude this post with a drawing a did of a cup on my desk. Nothing special, but its good to get the practice in.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I drew a bird

Not much to say more then that. Today was frusterating art wise. I wish I was better. I need to practice a lot more.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

A relaxing saturday, with robots

Not a lot happened today, I got some new art supplies that I want to try out, and I did some of my art school homework, sorta. To be honest I spent most of the day watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. I just finished torrenting it and so far it's pretty good. I am a big fan of anything giant robot related and this series is supposed to be good so I decided to check it out. I really dig the mech designs, and their is supposed to be a movie being made, but Its not coming out for a long while, maybe around 2009. Well if it is as good as the series is so far, then It might be one of my favorite movies! Looking forward to seeing the transformers movie, despite the negative reviews I have heard. Those are mostly from the hardcore fans, and I am defiantly not a hardcore fan so I just want to go to see the hot robot on robot action. WOO! Aint nothing wrong with that! I would like to have a giant robot, That would be pretty sweet... yeaaahhhhh <3

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A bit late is better then never

I didn't post anything yesterday so I had to be sure I would today, or rather, tonight. As far as art goes it's going alright, focusing on stuff from school rather then personal artwork. I need to start working on my old paintings again if I want to use them for my portfolio. I'll try and get some digital art done so I can post it. One thing worth mentioning is my experiences with the models in my figure drawing class. As Ive said before the nude models are generally a strange sort of people but I never really got into detail on that subject. Here is a quick example of one of my more recent encounters with them.
Well to start it off, it was a Thursday afternoon, around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and I had just come back from lunch with my family. I walk into the class room and set up my things and as I do that a rather fat, man walks out of another room completely naked. Now this is a pretty common place sight in the class room so I didn't really flip or anything because I am sorta used to it, although I will admit there were times where I was pretty grossed out, but you just have to power through it and hope for the best. Anyways back on topic, He strikes a pose and we are drawing him, just the same old deal we have done plenty of times before. The first thing that struck me odd was the fact that the man didn't have anything to tell time with, because the models always have some sort of thing they use to know how long they have been posing for, Some bring stop watches, egg timers, and one person even brought in a big clock that you hang on your wall, but this guy had nothing. Oh yeah this guy, his name is Norm, and the best way i could describe his appearance is that he looked kinda like the stapler guy from Office Space. So he is standing there and the teacher asks him how long hes been posing, and he looks at her so he obviously hears her, but he just stares, and for about 5 seconds there is just silence, it was extremely awkward. Finally he responds that he didn't hear her, so she repeats the question. More silence. Its completely obvious that he has no idea how long he has been standing there so he says he has about 5 more minutes to go, which is complete bull, I checked my clock and he was way off, but whatever right? No big deal, just more time for me to draw. Things start getting crazy when he can't figure out how to position his feet to get his stance right. During the poses the teacher will come by and put down tape around where the model is standing to help them remember where they were standing, pretty simple concept right? WRONG! or apparently it was wrong to this guy, because he couldn't figure it out! it took the teacher around 5 mins just to get his feet right, and later we had the same problem! I guess this guy didn't get the memo. ZINNG! (10 super points to those who got the reference) Terrible jokes aside, it was definitely a weird experience. I had to hide my face because I was laughing so hard when he couldn't get his feet right. I could go on, because it definitely gets a lot weirder, but I don't feel like it right now. Any ways I hope to get more art done tomorrow, and maybe Ill be able to post some of it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Slightly Past 4th of July

I meant to post this on the actual 4th, but seeing how I'm only 29 mins off, I'll excuse myself.
Today was pretty relaxing, I woke up at 12 and had a breakfast burrito, then pretty much relaxed the whole day. I meant to go to a 4th of July party but I was to lazy so I ended up staying at home and drawing the whole time. I have been downloading some tutorials and one in particular by Marco Djurdevic caught my eye. Its a pretty interesting read, and adds a whole philosophical approach to art that is interesting to me. Check it out here.
I didn't finish my drawing today but the tutorial recommends to take a break from your drawing and look at it with fresh eyes. So I'm going to take that recommendation and see how it looks in the morning. I'll still post it here though.

This is an updated version of the car I posted earlier. A friend of mine pointed out some perspective problems to me. Ill be sure to correct them soon. I really hope I get the hang of this digital art stuff. Its really important to me that I do. Also for some reason these pictures are really low quality so I'm probably going to have to host them somewhere else and post them here unless I can figure out whats the deal. Any ways I'm off. Happy belated 4th of July America.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Struggles of an aspiring young artist.

Finally today is over! I worked pretty hard today at school, but I don't feel like I accomplished very much. I am getting a little frustrated with my digital artwork. It seems like no matter how hard I try it just doesn't get any better. Ill keep working on it of course and ill try doing more studies now. I am officially announcing right now that I will do one study per day whether it be digital or traditional. I'll do my best to make it digital so I can post it here, but that is my goal. My traditional skills seem to be slowly getting better, but these classes are pretty daunting. I just have to work through it. Today I plan on finishing the car I posted yesterday. I need more music to listen to, I'm running out.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Something of note

I have offically had ths blog for 1 year! WOOO go me. pretty sad it only has 11 posts though, but that will soon change! I have big plans to do much bloggin this year, ohh yess!


Whoa man its been a long time since i posted on this thing! I almost forgot about it! no longer though ill try and post in it much more so all my readers can enjoy my goodness. Horray! Lets get back up to date shall we? It is now summer, and life is pretty good. I dont have a license yet, nor a car, but i shall hopefully get one of those soon. I have been doubling down on my art lately and i have been taking 2 classes at a local art school. Its a lot of hard work but i think its definitely worth while. It has only been a week and I feel I am improving a lot. One thing about art school is, you meet a lot of innnteresting people there, to say the least. I have found that the nude models in my class seem to get stranger every day. I dont know how much more weirdness i can take. This computer has given me much more time to draw, and to slack off, so its both a blessing and a curse. Ive been playing some computer games, mostly Oblivion and Worms Armaggedon and Ive started hanging out with some old friends, so life is pretty decent right now, hopefully that will keep up. not much more to say right now, but ill try to keep this thing updated more often now that i actually can log in. here is a picture of me that i like and a drawing i am working on to make up for lost time. woot! (that last picture i have been working on for a long time. i need to finish it and give it to my friend.)