Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today my brand new Zune died, for no reason what-so-ever. I am really mad about it so I mad this drawing to express my anger. Its a big rip off of Nathan Stapley. I have been reading a lot of his comics on Double Fine today. Speaking of which (or typing) I just realized today that I really want to work at Double Fine. It seems like a totally awesome place to work, and its in the state of california so maybe, just maybe I might be able to hook something up later. This summer though I am trying to get into that Blizzard intern program. I still have to get everything organized but I think I'll be done in time. I am trying to work harder on my portfolio. Im trying to do 2 projects a month now, but that probably will not be enough. In art class last friday I had a sub who was a pretty neat guy. He is a freelance illustrator who wants to be a concept artist (like me!) and I spoke with him for a long time, trying to learn as much as I could. If you read this, shout out to you, Frank! Check out his website or his blog to see his art.
I still need to find an internship for my class, Im going to call one more person this week, and if they say no, im screwed! Wish me luck.

Ps Zunes suck

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  1. haha, i IMMEDIATELY thought of nathan stapely, nice job!