Saturday, April 12, 2008


WOW LOTS OF THINGS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! NOT REALLY ACTUALLY BUT ONE BIG THING THAT IS SO BIG THAT I HAVE TO POST IN ALL CAPS! TODAY IT HAS BEEN REVEALED TO ME THAT I HAVE A CAR! WHAT THE EEFFFFFFF! IT WAS A TOTAL SUPRISE I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THEEEEE EEFFFFFFFFF. WOW NOW ALL I NEED IS A DRIVERS LICENSE. Any ways now that that is over with, I didnt get that Blizzard internship which is a bummer, but not entirely unexpected. I did how ever get an internship at a local art gallery, so that could potentially be fun, i have to have 20 hours completed by the end of spring break, which is this monday, and as of me posting this, it is now very early saturday, so i dont have much time to accomplish that. On top of that i have to finish 4 Self portraits, 3 of which I will post right now! oh boy! get ready, here we GOOOOO!!!

woo that was an exciting trip now wasnt it!

any ways I still have 4 more to go, (3.5 is more accurate) so wish me good luck! All my creativity is drying up like an old prune, so I dont know how more more of this i can take.........

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