Monday, November 26, 2007

Drawing Schism

Ive been looking at some Silent Hill V screenshots today. Im really excited to see how this new game will turn out, as it is not being developed by its regular developers. First thing I noticed is how different all the monsters look. Im not sure I like how they are looking to be honest, but it is way to early to be judging that type of thing I feel. One screenshot did catch my eye, and that is this one.

To me, that looks like an awesome Silent hill monster. I only know its name, which I believe is called Schism. Looks awesome. I cant wait to see more screens. I decided to draw it because I think it looks so cool.

You can learn more about Silent Hill V over here

also I will try to get my review in of Hl2 ep2 soon! I have been kinda sorta busy. Good bye!

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