Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Little Tokyo Experience

Last Sunday, I went to little Tokyo in Los Angeles and went to a few galleries. I saw Takashi Murikami, and the Giant Robot magazine exhibit. The Murikami exhibit was amazing, they had so many neat things, They had Huge, HUGE sculptures, and HUGEEEE paintings. His art is something of a combination of anime and fine art. He also had some pretty gross sculptures of giant anime dudes with big boners and having seamen shoot out of their cocks, and a giant breasted anime woman shooting milk out her tits. That part was pretty weird. Any ways, the paintings were giant and It was a really great exhibit, I enjoyed it a lot. After that me and my family ate some Japanese food, I had a teriyaki beef bowl. It was quite delicious. Later I went down to the Giant Robot magazine cover show. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. It was a lot smaller then I expected, but that may be because I just came from a giant art show. What was there was interesting, Not very many artists I knew, just Gary Baseman, and David Choe. Choe did this amazing mural which was done in spray paint and had these ninja stars stuck in the wall. That was the best piece in the show. I wish I could have posted pictures, but cameras were not allowed, so use your imagination! (YAY!) It was small but still worth visiting. I wandered around Japan town for a bit, looked at all the shops around, they have a lot of weird stuff. I love the engrish there. That was the high lite for my weekend. Again I wish I had pictures to show, it was pretty amazing. I have been drawing a picture on the computer, its pretty much an Ashley wood ripoff, but he is awesome so I'm ok with it. Still learning to live without my dog, its hard, and reading a book called Demian, by Herman Hesse. It's pretty interesting.
Not much else going on. here is that picture I was working on. ITS A WIP!

One last thing, I am really excited about the new Scott Pilgrim comic that is going to be released soon. It's supposed to be early this month, so that will be awesome. I want to check out the new Radiohead album, and maybe next post Ill do a quick review of the orange box! Exciting times my friends! Good night.

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