Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Get out there and vote! your forefathers died fighting to secure this right, the least you can do is honor them by voting! WOO AMERICA YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

these colors don't run

P.S. for all my international readers, dont feel bad, your country is pretty good too.

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  1. annie texted you! :(( we were sad you werent there. im going to try to make it next week again. i want to make sure im in the quick pose room next week though. i really need a lot of work there. i love the trees at laguna btw, its so pretty at your college.

    aw thanks for the compliments. whenever i draw something i always look at it and think "ian would have done this so much better. what would ian do to make it better? wwid???" haha.