Sunday, November 2, 2008


Happy belated Halloween. Here is a stupid drawing I did in honor of the occasion.
Here is what I have been into lately.

Playing lots of older games lately namely
Legend of Zelda Link to the Past

And Mother 3 English translation

I wish I was playing this, but I cant afford to buy it yet. looks awesome though

I have been watching Firefly, the tv show, and its really really great. Its like science fiction and a western combined. awesommmmmmmmme

I started reading A Game of Thrones again. I kind stopped reading it a while ago for some reason. Its a good book and id like to finish it soon

Other then those things I have been doing lots of work for school. Its midterms this week so I am cramming right now. Lots of projects have to be finished, kinda hectic. Ill try and get some sketches and other more finished work up here when I get the chance to do so, I'm still tinkering with my scanner.

Here is a little digital drawing I did when I was having a bad day.

here is a little value study I did.

Ps I did a little goofin around in mudbox and I made a head. Fun program.

p.p.s. if you google schism and click on images, you can find a picture on my blog! its of an unfinished crappy picture unfortunately. Still its like im internet famous now. horray!

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