Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sumo time!

Today was a day of learning. I started working on a drawing of E.Honda today, and while drawing I read about sumo wrestling on wikipedia. I discovered that sumo wrestling is awesome! I want to go see a sumo wrestling match some day. I also learned that video game pads can work for fps games. I played robg in tf2 today, he was trying to prove to me that game pads can work for fps games. I never thought they could, but we were tied the whole game! He also gave me a lot of great advice on art and life and stuff. I need to stop following what others are doing so closely, and worry more about me, follow my own artistic instincts, not other peoples.

any ways its pretty late, and its mothers day tomorrow and i havent done anything for her yet, so i gotta do something like that really soon. GOOD NIGHT