Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I cant draw

I cant draw my art is getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. I dont know what is wrong i have no creativity and my technical skills are doing down the shitter soo fast. Im really starting to freak out. I am drawing every day but everything is just SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD. This is the worst slump I have ever been in and i dont see myself getting out of it. Im wondering if art is really the thing for me. Its the only thing ive ever been interested in thoug, so im still going to try, but ive never realy doubted my artistic abilities this much until now. I just hope that when this passes i will be more motivated then ever before. I know i cant force it, but i just cant sit idley waiting for inspiration to hit me, i have to be activly drawing and trying to over come this.

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  1. You don't suck :P You can draw. The progress shown on this blog in even the last year is very noticable.

    I wrote this for someone else a while ago, it's meant for struggling artists. Maybe it helps, maybe not.

    I think the first and foremost important thing in the pursuit of knowledge of any sort is motivation. You have to want it and you have to love pursuing it. Learning comes easy when you are happy and motivated. Never sacrifice too much or push yourself too far. This is not to say that you won't always need to push yourself further - this is to say that you need to know the difference between good pushing and bad. Recovering from a breakdown takes a lot more out of you than recovering from a cooldown. I must stress that you can not forget to live and love life outside of art - the human experience is vital to all arts, how can you express what you do not know?

    Constantly experiment and explore your art. Never close yourself off to any ideas - if someone boldly states a rule that you should never break; break it. In doing so you will have a greater understanding of this recommendation and have control over it and it's antithesis.

    Do not get set into a routine of process and methodology. Taking the same path time and time again will only lead you to places you have already been. By exploring you will become stronger not only in these new paths but in those you have already traveled. Indeed even paths that may seem to have been a mistake are as much a key to progress as any other. Outside of process and methods explore with different mediums and even different arts and you will find that they will inspire and influence even what you consider your native and most favorite format. Read every art book and study every painting you can get your hand on, there is much to be learned from them all - directly or indirectly.