Monday, October 29, 2007

Loss of a friend

Its been a while internet, I know, and I feel like I need to write out a few things, even though I said I would try to cut back on that stuff, and it may seem really lame to write this, but I need to right now because right now life isn't so good. My dog, Sandy, is going to be put down tomorrow, and I am very very very sad. It might be hard to convey, but I really considered that dog to be a family member, and a very close friend. She is so great and always wants to be with people, even when you can see its hurting her so much. She has an auto-immune disorder, where her red blood cells are being destroyed. We found this out just a few days ago when she was going in for a rabies shot, the doctor noticed how pale she was and now all of this is happening. The doctor is a great guy and you can see that he really cares, but he said it himself that he is surprised she is still alive, and even if she makes it through this, it would just be a precursor for even worse things. I am trying to grieve, but its hard, because it doesn't really seem real. I always expected for my dog to be around. I never really though about her dying. This is just such a shock for me. I feel like I am losing my best friend, and so this post I want to dedicate to my dog Sandy, one of my best friends, who was always there for me when i got home, who always tried to have fun, who always burped in my face, who always had so much energy, who always was a sweet wonderful dog. May she find happiness wherever we go after we leave this earth. I will miss you so so much.

(I'll try and get a picture up of her soon. Love you Sandy.)

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