Monday, January 12, 2009

Studio 2.0

My new work area is pretty much complete! here is a virtual tour!

here is a general shot of where I am right this very second. We have my drafting table on the left, where I keep my paints, brushes and drawing utensils, and on the right we have my new computer desk and chair, computer, printer/scanner and various chachkas.

facing the opposite direction of my work area we have my drum set. It hasn't seen as much use since I stopped taking lessons, hopefully i can afford to start again.

Here is a little closer shot of my drafting table. I has lots of scuffs and paint marks, despite that its still pretty smooth! its served me well. That mirror is there for when I do a self portrait, or when I feel like gazing into my beautiful eyes.

Close up shot of my computer! Its a very nice desk, lots of room. best part though, which unfortunately you can not see in this picture, is the cup holder! That's right i got a freakin cup holder to the right of my monitor! that's a sign of a quality desk. Also on top of my computer tower is the install disks X3, a space sim game. I really wanted to like it the first time I played it but I eventually gave up and deleted it. well now I am going to give it another shot, I hope I will like it!

Close up of some of my robot statues. (they are not toys)

To the left is some cards made by my good English friends, Rob Laro and Anneka Tran and a little Tiki God that I got a while ago. It shall bring me good luck.

This is a little collection of unique soda bottles I have put up. It originally started with The Leninade, which I kept because it was cool, I am slowly adding other bottles up there. Also there is a little bear head that I got for chirstmas from Anneka

Anyways that about wraps it up! I shall leave you with this wonderful myspace shot of myself, kickin back in my new chair.

art will come soon

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