Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic-con super amazing fiesta happy time lemonade post of 2008! part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

im back with part 2! lets get back into it shall we?

I decide to take a quick break from the crowded convention center and get a bite to eat.

Along the way i came across some wounded starship troopers. I tried to help them but they died in my arms. so tragic.

I did.

Back in the convention center and that means more costumes!

Damn furries...

This is just funny. who thinks of this crap.

This guys name, is Scott Campbell. You may have heard of him, he works for doublefine, my dream company, and he also does some very nice illustration stuff too. Basically, he is a totally cool dude. I love his stuff but i didnt know he was going to be there, so seeing him was a big suprise. He told me Brutal Legend was going to be bitchin, but i already knew that. Overall he is awesome and you should look at his art and love him forever. While he and the rest of the Flight crew were signing my copy of flight volume 5, i ran into Dr. Franko! That was also a very nice suprise.

Ashley wood was selling some of his art at the show. most was running around 2000$ and up.
I was really jealous of this one asian guy who bought a really cool picture of a robot. ONE DAY
i shall buy a piece of art of his. one day...

There was a real life unicorn at comic con! i tried to take a picture of it, but its magical powers made my picture turn out all blurry. I think all mystical creatures have that power because the same thing happens when people take pictures of mothman, bigfoot and nessy. how strange.

Scifi channels booth, same as the last few years. A good place to meet people because it is very big and weird.

I don't understand why i took this picture.

Someone is crashing some castles! and its not me :'[

wb crowd shot.

He man and Castle Greyskull! or is it Grayskull? hmmmm.....

That head actually belongs to a person named Kevin Pereira. He truely sucks. truely.

Now its time i leave the show floor, and get in line for the Totally Rad Show. these are some people that walked by while i waited. Also the people behind me were like a family of super nerds. I felt bad for them because they fit the description of a nerd perfectly. really bad acne, nasily voice, glasses etc. When i was sitting down the dad farted in my face!

This is a picture of me being bored.

OK! im finally in! we are waiting something to happen...

OH MY! something is going on!

btw these photos are really bad because my camera sucked and stuff like that.

Overall it was a good show. Way better then a live diggnation, Alex is much better when hes not completely drunk. Be sure to watch it on and try to see if you can find me! i am in the middle of the right side, facing the trs guys.

I took these photos while they had us act out the beginning of the show. If you have ever seen TRS you know they always start the show with the dudes acting out a scene from a tv show or movie or sometimes game. This time they had us act out a part from the Life of Brian. I cant wait to see how the show looks once its done. If they ever have more live shows i will do my best to be there!

Well thats it! im done with my Comic Con 2008 report! i hope you have enjoyed it at least 1/10 as much as i did, and ill be sure to do it again next year.

ps. i almost ate a fly today.


  1. Too awesome, I enjoyed reading part two as much as I did one. You have a sense of humor, banana sorts.

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