Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic-con super amazing fiesta happy time lemonade post of 2008! part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am back from comic con! and once again i shall be your guide through this mess of images, and this is only part 1! how crazy is that right?

here i am first entering the convention center

there are a lot of sweet costumes

random crowd shot

me looking surly as i wait for some people

A really huge awesome ashley wood robot.

Ben Templesmith, comic book artist and co creator of 30 days of night along side Ashley Wood

A little bit better picture of Ben Temp.

Here is another picture of Ashley Wood. That asian man in the back was sitting there for a long time, he seemed to know ashley some how. I wonder if he is his sensei? Btw Ashley wood is seriously a great guy. He drew me a sweet looking zombie dude on my sketch book that ill upload later, and he gave me one of his art books for free! how sweet is that?! Answer, very sweet.

G4, how lame.

Upon closer inspection of the g4 set, there is a surprising lack of homos named kevin pereira

here is something that isnt lame. this is a really huge drill thing that actually had moving drill parts! how bitchin is that!

Now i am happy

Lego Indiana

Pikachu crowd shot!

Lego Batman and Robin

There was a huge crowd of people blocking my way and they were all taking pictures of something, i couldnt see what it was so i just raised my camera above the crowded and took a picture. this is what i found! this is certainly a geeky convention.

Giant robot hands are always welcome.

some blurry pictures of some toys

Watchmen was pretty big this year.

this stuff is just weird

Cool batbike

Ah yes this is just the first of many famous people i ran into at the con. Tommy Talarico and Victor Lucas! I used to watch them on the tv all the time.
Unfortunately i was not fast enough with my camera to take pictures of the other famous people i saw so i will provide you a picture of them and you can just pretend they are at the convention center.

This guy. I actually almost headbutted him. i was turning a corner and so was he and wasnt looking and i ALMOST smashed my head into his head. i kinda wish i did though because that would make it a much better story.

I also saw this person. Pretty crazy huh?

The iron monger! oh no!

I don't even know what this is but its awesome.

Limited editon bertie! pretty rockin.

Kazu Kibuishi!

A weird lobster thing!

Another crowd shot.

stay tuned for PART TWO


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