Tuesday, July 8, 2008

no luck.

It seems that whenever im drawing something i like, something has to happen to ruin it, and in this case, I was working on a self portrait, and i was actually likeing it, but for some reason corel painter decided it was a good time to stop working and it automaticaly shut off with out warning. I didnt have a save of the picture, so i was pretty upset. But i held strong, and true, and redid the picture, and again, it was looking good and i was happy with it, probably even more then the other one that crashed. THIS time i was smart enough to save a lot. Well today i was working some more on making this picture really good, i wanted it to be as good as it could be, but my computer was acting very strangely, it was being super slow so i figured it would probably be a good idea to save no incase something happens. Well as i was saving painter freezes up on me and now i lost my save file. :| i feel like the program doesnt want me to finish that picture, but i wont give up, im going to do it again, for the 3rd time, and i will finish it and it will be awesome.

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