Friday, July 11, 2008


the forums were trolled today, a pretty poor one at that, dead people and shit porn? how about something original for once. I just dont know why it was done or how it was found. its pretty remote. oh well its all over and done with. Ill have a lot of Posemaniac stuff up tomorrow. i just have kinda been saving it up. Ive been playing way more tf2 then i should be but me and a friend have been practicing this thing called an uber train where you have 2 medics and you uber one and switch right after so you have constant uberage. its pretty fun and we are getting better at it. I watched a movie called Tekkon Kinkreet today. I really really liked it, although i personally think that my version of the ending would be so much better and would have made the movie one of my all time favorites.

fun fact: When im really tired, and its late like it is now i feel like him sitting 10,000 feet away from my computer, like my arms are really long and stuff. thats how i feel now. just thought you should know that.

picture not by me.

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