Friday, August 24, 2007

an update of my contest entry

Its in color now. I am still trying to find the right colors for it, because I want it to have sort of saturated colors that would fit the tone of the game, but not too much, I'm imagining it to be a sort of red gray purple-ish color. There are a lot of structural issues that I will have to attend to such as lowering the hip because it is raised way too high. I have to keep pushing the details and get the muscle masses in correctly. Just overall it needs more everything! I will keep going at it though! I shall prevail!
One more thing, i have been getting a few comments lately and I just want to say that I like that. More comments please! Also I seem to be getting more hits then i thought, 9 in two days is pretty good to me, considering I have not really told anyone about this blog, just the link at the bottom of my signature on the tottyart forums is all. So that is cool i guess. Maybe more hits when I have more art? I am going to try to cut down on the bullshit writing I do. After all this is an art blog. Dang I am doing it right now, oh well. Goodnight.

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