Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back from the depts of Rapture (and Washington State)

Hello all! I have finally come back to you all, in the form of a blog post! Yes it is good to be back in California, after spending the past few days up in cold, cold Washington. I had a good time up there, visiting my family and such. I mostly played Xbox360, but considering I don't have one, that is like a vacation in itself! I got a few comic books up there which is good, considering I seem to be living in the only place on earth that does not have a single comic book shop anywhere near my house.(I think the closest one is somewhere near Los Angeles, which means I am out of luck.) I got Hellboy 4 and 5, and I read them both the first day. I gotta say something real quick about Hellboy. Those are some great comics, it combines amazing art with interesting characters and an original plot. It is just a joy to read and I hope that Mike Mignola comes out with another volume soon. They are just fantastic comics. Anyways If you read the title it means you probably played what everyone else is playing right now, the Bioshock demo! Even though it was barely chugging through on my fairly barebones system, I was amazed with the graphics and the AI and pretty much everything about it. I have always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to the game, it just seemed to good to be true, but after playing the demo, hoooo boy, is it awesome. The game is surprisingly creepy and the combat seems to have a ton more depth (haha pun) then I would have ever guessed. The story is very engaging, giving you little snippets of information, as to what caused the downfall of Rapture, and its citizens. Some people might object to this statement, but the game reminds me a bit of Condemned: Criminal Origins, which is the scariest game I have ever played. (Keep in mind I have not played a ton of scary games) What I mean by that is the combat is sort of similar where characters just seem insane and will attack you with frightening brutality. It also has a very creepy atmosphere and they are both very dark. Now that I think about it there are a lot of similar things between the games, but I won't get into that, they are both very good games. The whole setting of Bioshock is amazing, it has some great scenes in it, but one in particular just really WOWED me.(I really sayed wow.) That scene is one of the very first you will see, your plane crashes and you land in the water, there is fire all around you, and you have to swim to safety. As you try to find your way among the flames you see this huge lighthouse on a tiny island, and it is just a sight to be seen. You will have to experience it yourself to fully appreciate it. (it helps if you have a good graphics card PC owners.) I wasn't sure if I was going to get this game before, but now I definitely want it, I just wish I had a better PC to run it on, because a big part of the game is the graphics and the water effects, and I want to experience those. Ill work it out. This post is getting pretty long, but I guess its okay because I haven't posted in a week. Not a lot left to say, school starts soon, I have to pick up my schedule tomorrow morning, so its pretty unwise of me to be posting this late at night. I still have not done any art work as far as portfolio pieces go, and its starting to make me a little nervous. I always say this but I really gotta get going. I just hope me typing this will help me get motivated to paint, because I think that is the hardest part for me, getting started and finishing. I am still working on my Folklore contest entry, I added some colors today, but I dont like how its looking, it has lost a lot of the muscle definition and the colors just are not right yet. I'll be sure to keep working on it and when I get to a point I like it I'll plop in on here for all to see. Yeah I think that is about all I have to say right now, other then I am listening to The Queens of the Stone Age lately. I was never a big fan, but they do have some very good songs and a lot of range, musically. They have some screaming hard rock songs and some slow songs and some catchy ones all on the same cd. It's not a very good description I know but its the only way I can put it right now. I gotta get some sleep so I'll leave you with a picture of Bioshock's infamous lumbering giants, The Big Daddy. Good Night.

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