Sunday, August 12, 2007

Game time

Hello blog, I haven't posted in a while for many reasons, but mostly because I have been playing a lot of video games lately. I just bought the complete Dawn of War pack and I gotta say it is sweeeeeet! I really am enjoying all the different races and it does seem rather difficult compared to before so horray for that too! I have been tooling around in the Steam beta and that has a lot of neat features as well. I am really excited for a lot of Steam games such as, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Half-Life 2 episode 2, Team Fortress 2, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 turbo hd extreme alpha etc... A lot of good stuff coming out for sure. I am also going to start investing into more playstation 2 games because now they should be cheaper and more readily available. As far as art is going I have a lot of different projects going at once and it is becoming hard to finish anything. I am still working on that robot picture and I also started a paint over of someones lines. If I ever come close to making that picture presentable I'll put it up here. I also have many different paintings I have to do for my portfolio for school, and I haven't even started any of them so as my friend bluntly put it, "Ian, your screwed." So yeah, bad times. But I have about 3 weeks so if I spend less time playing games and more time doing work, then I just might be ok. Wish me luck people. One other thing of notice is I will be going on vacation to visit my cousins in Washington State for about a week, and that is always fun, because I get to play Xbox360, which is awesome. So that is all for now, no pictures but hopefully soon I'll have some art worth showing.

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