Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School is almost starting!

School is starting tomorrow, and summer is coming to an end. It is sad, but it will be nice to see my friends again. I am playing a lot of Dawn of war and Counter strike, and im trying to get some Tottyart forum games going. My entry is coming along nicely i think. I got about 1 more day to finish! so i have to hurry! here is an update. Wish me luck!

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  1. i wish you good luck. this character is VERY unique, strange, odd (as in reminds me a bit of Oddworld) and stylish without a doubt. The idea of that lava coming out of it is just so creative and great. I’m looking forward to see it done. Sure summer break is a fun thing and it’s a shame once school starts again but then it’s also a VERY VERY cool thing because you will see your friends and stuff. Once you finish school and don’t find a job summer breaks will be endless and you will start to miss school a lot and all your friends will be working so you can’t even meet them- that’s an awful thing.