Monday, July 30, 2007

Super Comic-Con Fiesta X-treme!

Wow! So I am finally back from Comic-Con and WOW it was great! I met a lot of people including the Milburns and Jik from Tottyart, and a ton of great artists including Ashley Wood, Ben Templesmith, and Jeff Soto. The Tottyart guys are cool and Ashley Wood and Jeff Soto are super nice guys. I didn't get to talk to Ben Templesmith for very long but he seemed nice too. Well I guess its time for me to show you the pictures. HERE WE GOOOOO!!

First thing to know about Comic-Con is it is BIG. It is freakin long and there are a lot of booths and people.

Scifi BoothNewgrounds booth/ Behemoth booth
Big ass pirate ship

random crowd shot

You get pretty tired after a full day of walking around Comic-Con. (At least I do.) You are constantly running into people and bumping into them and all that stuff. Most of the time they are nerds, but sometimes you run into famous people! People like, Gene Simmons!
(picture is blurry due to lots of people bumping into me and bodyguards and storm troopers and stuff.)

And a guy who looks like Kevin Federline!

And the Alien Hominid! WOW!

I also met some not so famous people, like The Milburn brothers! And Jik! Holy cow! They are cool dudes, and it was nice to talk to them for the short amount of time I was able to. According to them, I missed Gel by a few seconds, so that is a bummer, hopefully next year Ill be able to find him.

I got to meet some amazing artists in person at comic con, such as the amazing chalk artist guy! I dont remember his name but he has some 1337 chalk skills. I am jealous.

Like I said before I met Ashley Wood, and I got him to sign a bunch of my crap. I think almost all of my comics by him are signed. That is good. He is in the process of having some giant toy/figures (whatever you call them) of some of his art, and he showed me a prototype! MAN that thing is kick ass. You cant really tell from the picture, but its BIG! and the final version will be fully articulated, with lots of weapons and awesome crap. I am going to get one for sure, its so amazing and cool, I need it :'[.Ben Templesmith signed my Wormwood number 1.

I met Jeff Soto by pure chance, I was walking around the hall, and I stopped at the Hasbro booth, to look at some G.I. Joe stuff, and a guy was next to me doing the same. He looks familiar, but I'm not exactly where I saw him. Then it hit me! That man is one of my favorite artists! So I talked to him and he was nice and cool and I learned he grew up in the same town as I did. Neat-o!
Here is a picture of his artwork, go check out his site and his blog if you like it.

Here is a picture of me drinking a soda, just because I am handsome.

Anyways here are a bunch of pictures of cool stuff at Comic-con.

Close up of the box with the Iron Man armor in it.

Batmobile 1
Batmobile 2

Iron man!

Lego Bat man
Tank Girl poster by Ashley Wood

Castle Crashers!

Speaking of Castle Crashers, I played the demo at Comic-Con like everyone else who went there, and it was super fun! Its going to be a great game, I just hope it makes it to other consoles besides XBLA.

I bought a LOT of stuff at Comic-Con. I have been saving all year. I bought a 5 comics, 1 Castle Crashers figurine, and one 1 foot tall lord canti toy thing. its awesome, and its sitting in my room right now. There is one thing though that I have been really enjoying, and it is a comic called " Scott Pilgrim's Precious little life." Its a really fun comic and I HIGHLY recommend it if you are into video games, crazy characters and crazier fights, humor, or Canadians. Scott pilgrim is my new hero!

check out some previews at the site right HERE!

Well there is not much left to say about my Comic-Con experience, Hopefully, if you read this, you enjoyed the journey. I know I did.

Peace OUT!


  1. That was an awesome read mo'fo! hopefully I can make it one year, who knows? Awesome Castle Crashers figurine. Respect to the MAX!

    Mike "scrib" Kleine

  2. ah damn you got a chance to get to comic con. how bloody awesome is that? very awesome i say. looks like you had a great time