Saturday, July 7, 2007

A bit late is better then never

I didn't post anything yesterday so I had to be sure I would today, or rather, tonight. As far as art goes it's going alright, focusing on stuff from school rather then personal artwork. I need to start working on my old paintings again if I want to use them for my portfolio. I'll try and get some digital art done so I can post it. One thing worth mentioning is my experiences with the models in my figure drawing class. As Ive said before the nude models are generally a strange sort of people but I never really got into detail on that subject. Here is a quick example of one of my more recent encounters with them.
Well to start it off, it was a Thursday afternoon, around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, and I had just come back from lunch with my family. I walk into the class room and set up my things and as I do that a rather fat, man walks out of another room completely naked. Now this is a pretty common place sight in the class room so I didn't really flip or anything because I am sorta used to it, although I will admit there were times where I was pretty grossed out, but you just have to power through it and hope for the best. Anyways back on topic, He strikes a pose and we are drawing him, just the same old deal we have done plenty of times before. The first thing that struck me odd was the fact that the man didn't have anything to tell time with, because the models always have some sort of thing they use to know how long they have been posing for, Some bring stop watches, egg timers, and one person even brought in a big clock that you hang on your wall, but this guy had nothing. Oh yeah this guy, his name is Norm, and the best way i could describe his appearance is that he looked kinda like the stapler guy from Office Space. So he is standing there and the teacher asks him how long hes been posing, and he looks at her so he obviously hears her, but he just stares, and for about 5 seconds there is just silence, it was extremely awkward. Finally he responds that he didn't hear her, so she repeats the question. More silence. Its completely obvious that he has no idea how long he has been standing there so he says he has about 5 more minutes to go, which is complete bull, I checked my clock and he was way off, but whatever right? No big deal, just more time for me to draw. Things start getting crazy when he can't figure out how to position his feet to get his stance right. During the poses the teacher will come by and put down tape around where the model is standing to help them remember where they were standing, pretty simple concept right? WRONG! or apparently it was wrong to this guy, because he couldn't figure it out! it took the teacher around 5 mins just to get his feet right, and later we had the same problem! I guess this guy didn't get the memo. ZINNG! (10 super points to those who got the reference) Terrible jokes aside, it was definitely a weird experience. I had to hide my face because I was laughing so hard when he couldn't get his feet right. I could go on, because it definitely gets a lot weirder, but I don't feel like it right now. Any ways I hope to get more art done tomorrow, and maybe Ill be able to post some of it.

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