Sunday, July 8, 2007

A relaxing saturday, with robots

Not a lot happened today, I got some new art supplies that I want to try out, and I did some of my art school homework, sorta. To be honest I spent most of the day watching Neon Genesis Evangelion. I just finished torrenting it and so far it's pretty good. I am a big fan of anything giant robot related and this series is supposed to be good so I decided to check it out. I really dig the mech designs, and their is supposed to be a movie being made, but Its not coming out for a long while, maybe around 2009. Well if it is as good as the series is so far, then It might be one of my favorite movies! Looking forward to seeing the transformers movie, despite the negative reviews I have heard. Those are mostly from the hardcore fans, and I am defiantly not a hardcore fan so I just want to go to see the hot robot on robot action. WOO! Aint nothing wrong with that! I would like to have a giant robot, That would be pretty sweet... yeaaahhhhh <3

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