Thursday, July 5, 2007

Slightly Past 4th of July

I meant to post this on the actual 4th, but seeing how I'm only 29 mins off, I'll excuse myself.
Today was pretty relaxing, I woke up at 12 and had a breakfast burrito, then pretty much relaxed the whole day. I meant to go to a 4th of July party but I was to lazy so I ended up staying at home and drawing the whole time. I have been downloading some tutorials and one in particular by Marco Djurdevic caught my eye. Its a pretty interesting read, and adds a whole philosophical approach to art that is interesting to me. Check it out here.
I didn't finish my drawing today but the tutorial recommends to take a break from your drawing and look at it with fresh eyes. So I'm going to take that recommendation and see how it looks in the morning. I'll still post it here though.

This is an updated version of the car I posted earlier. A friend of mine pointed out some perspective problems to me. Ill be sure to correct them soon. I really hope I get the hang of this digital art stuff. Its really important to me that I do. Also for some reason these pictures are really low quality so I'm probably going to have to host them somewhere else and post them here unless I can figure out whats the deal. Any ways I'm off. Happy belated 4th of July America.

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